Li Zhanxu | female
Graduated from Institut Paul Bocuse, France, majoring in cu- linary arts and catering management.

For six years in France, she has worked at three stars Mi- chelin restaurant Alain Ducasse, Hotel Plaza Athenee, one star Michelin restaurant OKA in Paris, and also worked with Chef Davy Tissot at Saison,which belongs to Institut Paul Bocuse. Professional study and the accumulation of practi- cal experience in the modern catering industry,which gives a culinary girl the specific theoretical knowledge and technical ability of how to become a professional restaurant manager.

After returning China in 2021,she helped Qu Lang Yuan restaurant to establish a young kitchen team. Daily im- mersed in food production and food creative expression with full of love,we constantly try to combine the East and Western cooking technology experience, to explore Chinese rich local ingredients.Nowadays food has been closely relat- ed to our emotional memory, our team expect to create a new tasteful experience dishes to built an emotional con- nection with our guests. Such as the"fresh yeast steamed bread"on our menu, we borrowed the conception of west- ern pre-meal bread,but in a new form of smoked butter and watermelon soy sauce with seasonal plants mugwort to make Chinese daily familiar food "steamed bread",and it always can make us feel happy and comfort when the "fa- miliar and strange" dishes loved by our guests.

Qu Lang Yuan Chef Li Zhanxu receiving the Young Chef Award by Michelin Guide Beijing 2024.

Zhanxu Li